Luke 24. 13-35

After his resurrection, Jesus appeared to 2 disciples who were walking together on the road to Emmaus. They didn’t recognize him, but he helped them see how the Scriptures pointed to himself as the Messiah. Even though we don’t see Jesus and even when it seems like all hope is lost, Jesus is still at work in our lives!

Key Verse

“The Lord has risen indeed” – Luke 24.34a (ESV)


Lesson Intro (something lost)

Ask the kids if they’ve ever lost something really important to them. Share of a time that you lost something that was important to you, perhaps a favorite toy, or a job, or perhaps an opportunity to do something you love. Losing something can be deeply disappointing and discouraging. Explain to the kids that when Jesus died on the cross the disciples felt a deep sense of loss.

Bible story

Tell the story from Luke 24.13-35.

Here are some interesting points to emphasize:

  • Vs. 13 – “two of them” refers to Cleopas and another disciple. Many scholars suspect that it may have been Cleopas and his wife.
  • Vs. 14 – “everything that happened” refers to Jesus’ arrest and crucifixion.
  • Vs. 16 – The fact that they were kept from seeing Jesus may be meant to show that one can experience the presence of the risen Jesus even when you cannot see him.
  • Vs. 19-24 – Cleopas gives a good synopsis of who Jesus is but he assumes that their hope for Jesus as redeemer has been crushed.
  • Vs. 27 – This is a good opportunity to reinforce for the children the value of the whole Bible, both the Old and the New Testament.
  • Vs. 28-29 – Though Jesus intends to spend more time with them he gives them the opportunity to invite him in rather than inviting himself in. He is the same with us. He is waiting for us to invite him into our lives!
  • Vs. 30 – What Jesus does echoes what he did at the last supper. The bread and the wine are symbolic of his body and blood. The fact that Jesus is revealed to them at that moment is significant!

These two disciples thought that they had lost Jesus forever. They thought that all hope was lost. Even though they couldn’t recognize Jesus, he was still with them.

Jesus is with us today and he is at work in our lives, even if we can’t see him or if things seem bad. Jesus gave us ways to remember him by, one of which is the breaking of bread. Jesus is waiting for us to invite him into every area of our lives and as we live closely with him and talking to him regularly, he teaches us about himself!

Prayer: Thank Jesus that he gives us hope even when all seems lost. Pray that the children would have the faith to invite Jesus into their lives and allow him to teach them about himself.


Supplies: Jesus ‘After Image’ Optical illusion (supplied)

What to do: Have the kids stare at the 3 dots in the middle of the optical illusion sheet for 30 seconds and then stare at a blank white sheet of paper. Ask them what they see.

Review Questions:
  • Where were the two disciples walking to?
  • What were they talking about?
  • Who came and walked with them?
  • What did Jesus explain to them?
  • How did they find out it was Jesus?
  • Is it easy for us to see Jesus?
  • Can we see Jesus at work in our lives?


Supplies: Printable sheet

What to do: The children will combine 2 images into one:


Featured Image: “The Appearance of the Lord at Emmaus”