Mark 2.1-12

This story demonstrates that Jesus has the power to heal, but also to truly forgive sins. What makes this story unique though is that four friends discovered that only with Jesus we can work together to change someone’s life! As we come to Jesus, we get to bring others along with us.

Key Verse

Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.
1 Cor. 11.1 (NIV)


Suggested Props:
2 blindfolds, Four strips of cardboard held together by split pins, Blanket, Rice

Lesson Intro (Blind leading the blind)

Have 2 children/volunteers stand up front with you. Blindfold one of the them and say: “If somebody is blind they cannot see where they’re going. If they’re in a strange place they need someone to help them get to where they’re going.” Blindfold the second volunteer and say: “Luckily we have someone to show our blind person around, but what would happen if they were both blind?” Have the second volunteer try lead the first volunteer. Before they get too far say, “STOP! STOP! … You guys are going to bump into someone or step on someone!” Explain that Jesus once taught the people and said that if a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a hole (Matt. 15.14). What he meant was that if we want to help people know God and live for him, we need to know him and live for him. Today’s story is about 4 men who really believed that Jesus could help their friend and so they did everything they could to lead him to Jesus!

Bible Story

Tell the story from Mark 2.1-12 using the cardboard multi-prop.

Watch this video clip to see how

Another option for telling the story is to act it out with the children using a blanket as a stretcher. You can give a few adult helpers small amounts of rice to throw onto the kid’s heads from behind as you dramatize the moment when the men start breaking through the roof (simulating bits of dirt falling on their heads)!


The four friends discovered that only with Jesus we can work together to change someone’s life! It’s very important to remember that the best way we can help people is to point them to Jesus. As you walk with Jesus and are obedient to him it helps others to see the way! The apostle Paul told people to follow his example as he followed Jesus (1 Cor. 11.1).

Prayer: Thank Jesus that he forgives our sins and makes us whole again from the inside out. Pray that he would give the children the courage to work with God to lead others to him.

Review Questions

  • What was Jesus doing in the house?
  • Why were the four men trying to get to Jesus?
  • What does it mean for us to lead others to Jesus?
  • Is it always easy to show others the way to Jesus?
  • What was stopping the men from bring their friend to Jesus?
  • What sometimes gets in our way?


Craft: Story multi-prop

Supplies: 4 strips of firm paper and 3 Brads paper fasteners per child.

What to do: Let the kids assemble their own multi-prop by attaching the strips of card-stock end-to-end for telling the story and write their name on it. Use it as an opportunity to memorize the story with the kids.