Exodus 34.29-35; Deuteronomy 18:15; John 8:12

When Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the ten commandments, the Bible tells us that his face shone from reflecting the glory of God! It soon faded, but every time Moses went to speak with God his face would become radiant again. Moses was a great prophet, but God promised that he would raise up up a prophet from Israel like Moses (Deut. 18.15). This prophet proved not just to reflect the light, but he was the light (John 8:12). Through Jesus we can all come face-to-face with God and his light and love can shine through us!

Key Verse

“For all of God’s promises have been fulfilled in Christ”

– 2 Corinthians 1.20a (NLT)


Explain to the kids that each week you’re looking at a story from the Old Testament* that points to Jesus. It’s often helpful to briefly review the previous week’s lesson.

Object Lesson (Batteries that die)

Supplies: A cellphone or any other device that has a battery that needs to be recharged, like a bicycle light, or a remote controlled car.

Show the kids the device that you’ve brought and ask them how it is used. Ask them what powers the device. Where does the power come from? How long does it last? When you’ve plugged your device into a power outlet then it operates for a long time when it’s fully charged, but if you don’t ever plug it in then it won’t be able to work for you!

Bible story

Props you may want to use: A pillowcase, light-up balloon, sharpie. Use the sharpie to draw Moses’s face on the balloon and activate the LED light inside the balloon when you get to that part of the story. You can use a pillow-case or a shawl as a veil over the balloon when you get to that part of the story.

Give the kids the back story of the Ten commandments:

  • The Israelites were freed from Egypt.
  • They were camping at the foot of Mount Sinai.
  • Moses had gone up the mountain to hear from God.
Use your Bible to tell the story from Exodus 34.29-35.

Explain to the children that people couldn’t just come into the presence of God because of God’s holiness. When Moses came into God’s presence it was like his face was charged by God’s holiness! He was a very special prophet because he was allowed to speak to God. The Bible says that he spoke to God like you might speak to a friend.

But Moses told us something really interesting. When Moses was really really old he prophesied that God was going to rise up a prophet like himself from the nation of Israel. To be like Moses, this prophet would need to be able to speak directly to God and he would need to be sent to rescue his people.

This new prophet would make a way for all people to come into God’s presence. Did you know that you can go into God’s presence? You can come to God at any time if you’ve received Jesus as your Lord and Savior! Jesus is the prophet that Moses was talking about. Jesus didn’t just reflect God’s light, he is God’s light to the world! Jesus said: “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”


Did you know that God wants to be friends with you too? That is why he sent his Son Jesus, so that you can come speak to him. Did you kids know that, in the same way that Moses shone God’s light when he came from God’s presence, we can also shine God’s light to those around us! When you love others with the love of Jesus, it shines his light into their lives. God is with you wherever you go, so your batteries never die!

Prayer: Thank God for sending his Son Jesus and making a way for us to know God face-to-face. Thank him that we can always trust his promises. Pray for wisdom and courage for the children as they seek to follow God.

* Old Testament: The first part of the Bible that tells the story of God’s people and explains his promise.

Game (Broken telephone)

This goal of this game is to see which team can correctly pass a message on.

Supplies: The same simple memory verse written on a few flashcards

How to Play: Explain to the kids that we can know what God says because of what’s written in the Bible, and because we can know Jesus personally. In the old days God’s messages were given to prophets like Moses who would pass the message on.

Divide the kids into as many teams as you have flashcards (ideally there should be 4-5 kids per team). Have the kids sit in line. Give each of the first kids the flashcard and a sharpie. Each child has to quietly read the card to themselves and scratch out one word from the verse. Remembering what that word was, they then read the card to the next child. The second child then scratches out a word and reads it to the third child. The game goes on until the last child in the line can correctly recite the memory verse!