Love – Fruit of the Spirit

We want our children to know and experience the unwavering love of God! One of the greatest gifts that we receive when we put our faith in Jesus is the Holy Spirit. Being connected to God through the Spirit gives us new life and produces in us the same kind of love that God has for us! As believers we get to show others the love of Jesus.

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Thomas Believes

Luke 24: 36–49; John 20: 24–29

Most people adhere to the old saying that says: “seeing is believing”. The Bible calls us to a different kind of faith. Thomas had to see it for himself in order to believe, but Jesus emphasized the importance of believing without seeing. We want the children to walk away knowing that, even if we can’t see him, Jesus is alive and he is with us!

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Easter: An Empty Tomb!

Matthew 27:27 – 28:10

Jesus dying on the cross is difficult to tell children.  But his death and resurrection is the truth and hope of our faith.  Kids need to know that Jesus willingly sacrificed his life for us so our sins can be forgiven.  And also the excitement and joy that he did not stay dead, but rose again so we can have eternal life!

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Jesus and the Children

Luke 18.15-17

When the disciples tried to stop people from bringing their babies to Jesus, he told them to let the children come to him! Jesus used that moment to remind them that the kingdom of heaven belongs those who come to God like children. We want our children to remember that we’re as dependent on God as a baby is on it’s mother! Continue reading Jesus and the Children

Jesus and the Woman at the Well

John 4.1-42

Jesus encountered a woman at Jacob’s well. Her soul was thirsty and she had tried to quench that thirst with other things. Just as our bodies need water to sustain it, we all have a thirst that can only be satisfied by the Spirit of God! Continue reading Jesus and the Woman at the Well

Jesus Calls Peter

Luke 5.1-11

The calling of the disciples is central to the gospel story and it comes up in all four of the gospels. The fact that Jesus chooses people and equips them for his work is as true for us today as it was back then. We want the kids to know that Jesus is on a mission to save the world and that he has invited us to be part of that incredible mission! Sometimes it means leaving things behind, but we will never be disappointed. Continue reading Jesus Calls Peter