Everlasting Father

Isaiah describes the Messiah as Everlasting Father! A good father loves and provides for his family. Jesus came to show us our Heavenly Father so that we can be children of God and experience love that will never ever run out. There are a number of attributes associated with the description of the Messiah as a father, but for the sake of this lesson we will focus on love that lasts forever!Continue reading “Everlasting Father”

Wonderful Counselor

Jesus is our Wonderful Counselor! It means that we can know him personally and not just know about him, so we can trust him to listen to our problems and guide us in the right direction. We know that Jesus is listening because the Bible tells us to pray to him about things that worry us.Continue reading “Wonderful Counselor”

Solomon Builds the Temple

1 Kings 6–9

When Solomon became king over Israel God had him build a beautiful temple in Jerusalem. The temple was double the size of the Tabernacle that the Israelites built in the wilderness! When it was finished, God’s glory descended on it like a cloud and the whole of Israel celebrated and worshipped God.Continue reading “Solomon Builds the Temple”

David Brings the Ark to Jerusalem

2 Samuel 6

David became king of Israel after Saul died but he knew that God was really in charge. David was ruling from Jerusalem, so he decided that the Ark of God’s Presence should also be in Jerusalem. This story is about David’s mission to please and honor God by bringing the Ark to it’s rightful place in Jerusalem.

Continue reading “David Brings the Ark to Jerusalem”

Samuel Anoints David

1 Samuel 16.1-13

We’ve taught this lesson before from the perspective of trusting God’s promises. Another significant observation of this story is that God cared about what was going on in David’s heart. David wasn’t the obvious choice to be anointed by Samuel, but God chose him because of what he saw on the inside. God cares deeply about each one of our hearts, and that’s why he sent us his Son Jesus!Continue reading “Samuel Anoints David”