Lessons about the miracles of Jesus

The Ten Lepers

In this story ten lepers were healed by Jesus, but only one comes back to express his gratitude. The emphasis of this story is not merely on gratitude as a virtue. Jesus gives us many good gifts, but God’s intention is that, as we encounter his loving kindness, it would ultimately bring us back to him so that we can totally be made whole.

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Water into Wine

At the wedding in Cana Jesus solved a crisis by turning water into wine. For the children it’s really wonderful that Jesus demonstrates his willingness to respond to our everyday needs. We know that we can trust him with all of our problems!

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Jesus Walks on Water

By walking on water Jesus demonstrates to his disciples that he has power over nature! It causes his disciples to recognize that he is the Son of God and they spontaneously worship him. Peter’s attempt to walk out to Jesus reminds us that we’re only human, but that if we obey him and keep our eyes fixed on him as the Son of God then he will empower us to follow him.

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Jesus Feeds 5000

When a large crowd was gathered around Jesus in a remote place, a boy who had five barley loaves and two fish, made them available to Jesus. In Jesus’ hands this offering was multiplied to miraculously feed 5000! We might not always feel like we have much to offer God, but as we give ourselves to Jesus he can do much with our little.

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