Lessons about Jesus’ death and resurrection

Road to Emmaus

After his resurrection, Jesus appeared to 2 disciples who were walking together on the road to Emmaus. They didn’t recognize him, but he helped them see how the Scriptures pointed to himself as the Messiah. Even though we don’t see Jesus and even when it seems like all hope is lost, Jesus is still at work in our lives!

Thomas Believes

Most people adhere to the old saying that says: “seeing is believing”. The Bible calls us to a different kind of faith. Thomas had to see it for himself in order to believe, but Jesus emphasized the importance of believing without seeing. We want the children to walk away knowing that, even if we can’t see him, Jesus is alive and he is with us!

Easter: An Empty Tomb!

Jesus dying on the cross is difficult to tell children. But his death and resurrection is the truth and hope of our faith. Kids need to know that Jesus willingly sacrificed his life for us so our sins can be forgiven. And also the excitement and joy that he did not stay dead, but rose again so we can have eternal life!

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