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Jesus the Better Adam

Gen. 2.8-9; Gen. 2.15-17; Gen. 3.1-5; Gen. 3.14-15Rom. 5.17-18

We learn in Genesis that God created Adam as the first man. Adam was the prototype, but unfortunately sin and death entered the world through his disobedience. God promised though that one of Eve’s offspring would crush the serpent’s head. Jesus came to fulfill that promise. Jesus conquered death, and through his obedience he brings life and forgiveness of sin. We can always be sure of God’s word!

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The 3 Stewards (Matt 25.14-30)

God has given each of us resources and opportunities to serve him and to live our lives for him. Each one of us can choose to live our lives for him or to waste our opportunities like the foolish servant did in this story. Whatever gift God has given you should be used to glorify him.

Lesson Focus

  • God wants us to be faithful with what he’s given us.
  • It’s not about how much you’ve been given, it’s what you do with it.

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Waiting for the Wedding (Matt. 25.1-13)

One day Jesus will return and his kingdom will be revealed in it’s fullness. It will be a wonderful time of celebration for those who have trusted in Jesus, but the door will be closed for those who have refused to acknowledge him. Without Jesus it’s impossible to be ready. With him, and the empowering gift of the Holy Spirit, we can be ready, and have our lamps burning when he returns!

Lesson Focus

  • God wants us to be prepared for the day of his return.
  • Trusting in Jesus is the best way to be ready.

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Finding Treasure (Matt. 13.44-46)

There are times when a life-changing opportunity comes your way that would be foolish to pass up. Jesus uses two examples of people coming across items of untold value and then trading everything they had to lay hold of those things. There is nothing as valuable or important as accepting Jesus as our king and faithfully following him. When we understand the value of the kingdom we see everything as an opportunity to see God’s kingdom come. We want our children to understand that following Jesus affects every area of their lives!

Lesson Focus

  • Nothing is more valuable or more important than God’s kingdom.
  • Jesus gave everything so that we could have relationship with God.

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Seeds and Soils (Luke 8.4-15)

The parable of the sower is the only parable for which Jesus offered an in-depth interpretation. The main point at the end of the parable is that our response to God’s word depends on the condition of the soil of our hearts. When our hearts are committed to Jesus then his teachings take root and we become fruitful. We all want the children that we teach to receive God’s word in faith and to grow in their relationship with the Lord. This is a great opportunity to help them see that they can nurture their faith by being aware of the things that interfere with spiritual growth.

Lesson Focus

  • Our relationship with Jesus grows like a seed.
  • We respond to God’s word by hearing and following Jesus.

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