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Joseph: Slave to Savior

Gen. 37-50; Acts 7.9-14

Life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes things go well and sometimes they don’t. Joseph is a great example to us that we can trust God’s promises no matter the circumstances. God had a plan for Jacob’s sons, and he used Joseph to save his brothers from the famine. God has a plan for us too but his promises to us are fulfilled in Jesus. No matter the circumstances we can know that God loves us and we can put our faith in Jesus!

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Stairway to Heaven

Gen. 28.10-22; Jn. 1.51

Imagine discovering a stairway to heaven! Imagine looking up and seeing the Lord at the top of the stairway speaking to you and promising you his presence and protection, and telling you that he wants you to be part of his plan to bless the whole world! This is what happened to Jacob, but the same is true for anyone who puts their faith in Jesus. Jesus compared himself to a stairway to heaven. Through him we can encounter God and grow in the knowledge of the truth!

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God Provides a Ram

Gen. 22.1-18; Heb. 11. 17-19

God called Abraham to offer up his son Isaac, and he responded with total obedience. This took great faith on Abraham’s part, because it was through his son that all of what God promised him was going to be fulfilled. Because Abraham trusted God fully he was willing to obey God, even with a command as tough as this one. God’s promises to us are fulfilled through his own son Jesus. We know that we can always trust God’s promises! Continue reading → God Provides a Ram

Bread and Wine After the Battle

Gen. 14; Heb. 7.1-3

Melchizedek is a mysterious priestly king of peace who came to refresh Abraham with bread and wine after he returned from battle. Melchizedek is an incredible picture of Jesus who brings ultimate refreshment to our lives. Melchizedek offered bread and wine, a symbol of Jesus’ death on the cross. No matter how tough life gets, we can always be refreshed by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

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The Promised Son. A Chosen People.

Gen. 12.1-5; Gal. 3.9

God chose a man named Abraham through whom he would establish a chosen nation to make his name great. The fulfillment of God’s promise to Abraham depended on the birth of a son, but the ultimate fulfillment would come through the birth of God’s very own son. God’s promise to Abraham extends to us and finds it’s fulfillment through his Son! We want the kids to see that God wants them to be part of his chosen people. They can trust God’s promises for themselves because of what Jesus has done for us!

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Jesus the Better Adam

Gen. 2.8-9; Gen. 2.15-17; Gen. 3.1-5; Gen. 3.14-15Rom. 5.17-18

We learn in Genesis that God created Adam as the first man. Adam was the prototype, but unfortunately sin and death entered the world through his disobedience. God promised though that one of Eve’s offspring would crush the serpent’s head. Jesus came to fulfill that promise. Jesus conquered death, and through his obedience he brings life and forgiveness of sin. We can always be sure of God’s word!

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The 3 Stewards (Matt 25.14-30)

God has given each of us resources and opportunities to serve him and to live our lives for him. Each one of us can choose to live our lives for him or to waste our opportunities like the foolish servant did in this story. Whatever gift God has given you should be used to glorify him.

Lesson Focus

  • God wants us to be faithful with what he’s given us.
  • It’s not about how much you’ve been given, it’s what you do with it.

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Waiting for the Wedding (Matt. 25.1-13)

One day Jesus will return and his kingdom will be revealed in it’s fullness. It will be a wonderful time of celebration for those who have trusted in Jesus, but the door will be closed for those who have refused to acknowledge him. Without Jesus it’s impossible to be ready. With him, and the empowering gift of the Holy Spirit, we can be ready, and have our lamps burning when he returns!

Lesson Focus

  • God wants us to be prepared for the day of his return.
  • Trusting in Jesus is the best way to be ready.

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The Unmerciful Servant (Matt. 18.21-35)

Forgiveness plays a huge role in our relationship with God, and our relationship with others. The way we treat those around us is a reflection of our relationship with our King. This parable shines a light on the huge disconnect that exists when we fail to acknowledge how God has extended his great mercy toward us. We want the children to see that part of kingdom living is having the freedom in Christ to let go of grudges and forgive those who sin against us.

Lesson Focus

  • God forgives those who come to him and ask for mercy.
  • It’s foolish to refuse to forgive someone when God has forgiven us.

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Workers and Wages (Matt. 20.1-16)

Lesson Focus

  • All believers are recipients of God’s riches in Christ.
  • We should be grateful for God’s generosity toward us.

Our shortsighted tendency is to only value others for what they can accomplish for us, or how they can benefit us. The world reveres those who have wealth and have influence. In Matthew 19 Jesus debunks the perceived merit of wealth and influence; firstly by inviting the children to come to him and then by stating how hard it is for the wealthy to enter the kingdom. He goes on to tell the parable of the generous Master, showing that God loves all people and graciously offers grace and kindness to everyone who responds to his invitation, not just those who are esteemed in the eyes of the world.
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