Here are a few of the lessons I’ve written on the ways that Jesus describes himself through the book of John.

I am: The Good Shepherd

John 10:11–18 A good shepherd loves his sheep and knows his sheep and cares deeply for them. He’s prepared to make sacrifices to be sure that his sheep are healthy and safe! Jesus described himself as the good shepherd. He knew that we needed our sins to be washed away, so he was prepared to…

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I am: The Door

John 10:9–10 Imagine a house without a door! We would have no way to get inside. When Jesus said that he is the door, it was a proverbial way of saying that through him we have access to the kingdom of God. The emphasis of this lesson is that Jesus keeps us safe, and that…

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I am: The Light of the World

Before healing the blind man in John 9, Jesus declares that he is the light of the world! Jesus helps us to see God, and he sheds truth on what is true and righteous. This means that we never have to walk in darkness. We can trust Jesus to lead, guide us and protect us. And we can be lights to those around us!

I am: The Bread of Life

After Jesus fed the 5000, large crowds came looking for him hoping that he was going to do more miracles––and hoping that they would get food again! Unfortunately they were coming to Jesus looking for food that would leave them hungry again. Jesus told them that he is “the bread of life”. Bread might help keep us alive if we were starving, but if we want life that lasts forever, we need the bread of life!

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