Lessons from Galatians 5:22-23

Love – Fruit of the Spirit

We want our children to know and experience the unwavering love of God! One of the greatest gifts that we receive when we put our faith in Jesus is the Holy Spirit. Being connected to God through the Spirit gives us new life and produces in us the same kind of love that God has…

Joy – Fruit of the Spirit

Knowing Jesus produces in us a joy that is greater than our immediate circumstances. Despite being persecuted, the disciples in Antioch were filled with joy and the Holy Spirit!

Peace – Fruit of the Spirit

Many children struggle with thoughts of worry and anxiety. When we are reconciled to God through his son Jesus, the Holy Spirit testifies to the peace we have with God and stirs us to be at peace with others!

Patience – Fruit of the Spirit

Patience is the ability to endure the effects of evil and sin. As a fruit of the Spirit it’s something that’s important to us as we grow to become more like Jesus.

Goodness – Fruit of the Spirit

When God created the world he said that it was good! Today there are many things that are not good, but when we draw close to Jesus and walk by the Spirit we grow in goodness.

Kindness – Fruit of the Spirit

Those who follow Jesus are called to express kindness to one another. As the Spirit softens our hearts, we are able to be kind to one another!

Gentleness – Fruit of the Spirit

Jesus is our gentle king and he works in us through his Holy Spirit to bring about gentleness in our lives! Gentleness means that we work toward the welfare of those around us, rather than being rude and inconsiderate.

Faithfulness – Fruit of the Spirit

Faithfulness is living out our allegiance to Jesus as our Lord. Barnabas was filled with the Holy Spirit and he was filled with faith. He encouraged the church in Antioch to be faithful and the city saw that they belonged to Jesus!

Self-Control – Fruit of the Spirit

Without self-control we easily end up hurting those around us, like king Saul when he tried to spear David. The Holy Spirit points us to Jesus and empowers us to control our emotions and our actions.

Image Credit: Still Life with Fruit (Caravaggio), circa 1605-1610

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