Lessons from 1st and 2nd Samuel

God Calls Samuel

Samuel was a great prophet and the last judge of Israel, but he started out as a boy serving Eli the Priest in the temple. One night, while he was a boy, God spoke to him while he was lying in bed. At first he didn’t realise that it was God speaking to him but when he got to know God, it set him off on a life devoted to serving the LORD!

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Samuel Anoints David

A significant observation of this story is that God cared about what was going on in David’s heart. David wasn’t the obvious choice to be anointed by Samuel, but God chose him because of what he saw on the inside. God cares deeply about each one of our hearts, and that’s why he sent us his Son Jesus!

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David and Goliath

David’s fearless trust in the LORD was first demonstrated in him taking on the bear and the lion. When it came to Goliath he wasn’t shaken because he had seen God’s faithfulness. He knew that God had good plans for the nation of Israel, and that God was not going to let a Philistine stand in his way!

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David Spares Saul

Saul was jealous of David and hated him, even though David had never done anything against Saul. When Saul came after David to try to kill him, David could have taken revenge. Instead David chose to trust God to deal with Saul, and he showed him forgiveness and honor!

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David Brings the Ark to Jerusalem

David became king of Israel after Saul died but he knew that God was really in charge. David was ruling from Jerusalem, so he decided that the Ark of God’s Presence should also be in Jerusalem. This story is about David’s mission to please and honor God by bringing the Ark to it’s rightful place in Jerusalem.

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Seed on the Throne

David knew about trusting God’s promises! At an early age David was anointed as the king to succeed Saul’s throne. It took many years to see the fulfillment of that promise for him to rule Israel. When David was king, God made him another promise, that the seed of David would sit on his throne to rule over an eternal Kingdom. What does that mean? David wouldn’t ever live to see this fulfilled, but God’s promise has come true in Jesus!

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